Improved User-experience with Cloud-Based HRIS software

With the rising popularity of HRIS, the techno-savvy bosses often find themselves in a vicious circle that whether the technology is easy to use and will it be adopted by their employees? Thus, there is a basic shift in the focus of the technology adopters. The discussion comes to halt when it comes to evaluating the user-friendliness and usability of the new HR software.

What the users mainly look for in HRMS is that it must be fresh, integrated and the graphical user interface must be user-friendly. Research studies show that usually, the organizations replace their software after every 2 years or so, and some change it every year. This causes a lot of monetary loss to the organization. Also, there is an increasing demand for cloud-based HR software these days. This is because of the rising risk of data loss and a tedious disaster recovery process.  As the HRMS usually contains voluminous employee personal and professional data, it becomes really risky to lose data due to any technical breakdown.


Thus, the development teams of all the HR software service providers are busy is designing such software that provides them a safe interface. But, Trogonsoft offers you TeamWise that is cloud-based HRIS and is well-built and designed with complete features and functionalities that can match not only today’s requirements, but are also prepared for future demands. Teamwise is intelligent HRMS software that can cater to all your user-experience as well as security issues.


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