Performance-Oriented Role Based Access in TeamWise

With an efficient time management system, it has become easy for the HR teams to accurately monitor the employees’ punctuality and regularity. HR departments have multiple functions that are directly aimed towards the achievement of excellence levels in terms of strategy, administration and business. The use of advanced technology in the field of HR has brought in a lot of measurable changes in the way the department operates.

For a more strategic approach towards managing the employees, need to be more intelligent and smart, as in case of TeamWise, that effortlessly fits in the organizational structure and serves all HR-specific tasks. The Role Based Access feature offered by TeamWise is one of the most exclusive and fantastic feature, that allows the concerned personnel to view, monitor and control the critical data.

TeamWise-HR SoftwareRole Based Access means that every individual will get access rights to particular information on the basis of their position in the company. For example, the manager or the supervisors will have the access to view their sub-ordinates’ information such as their leave details, in-time, out-time, etc. that will help them analyze their performance. While the employees will only have access to their information and the general open to all information. Whereas, the HR people can log in to the system as administrators and can view all the information that is entered by all the users. This means a different window for every user as per their need and requirement. This feature has also freed the human resource people from the burden of maintaining the attendance record by themselves as the managers can approve or reject the leave applications.

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