Say Good Bye to Traditional Attendance Registers!

Are you still using the historical attendance registers to mark attendance of your employees? You are certainly wasting your valuable time that could otherwise be divested for some other productive tasks.
You definitely need an HRMS that is integrated with online leave and attendance management system that can help you maintain your employees’ attendance and also keep a record of individual employee’s regularity at office. While taking any important decision, you need not turn pages of those bulky registers and you can get everything on simple clicks!

TeamWise- HRMS
TeamWise brings you an enhanced intelligent that not only gives you assistance in maintaining employee attendance records, but also empowers employees through the employee self-service feature to schedule their leave over the tool. They themselves can monitor how many leave are left with them. On the other hand, their supervisors can also approve (or reject) their leave request over the system along with providing necessary comments over their response.

TeamWise- Leave And Attendance
The system is also integrated with biometric system that records the daily in-time and out-time of employees and marks their attendance according to it. Needless to say, it is a time saving and errors-free system as it does not involves any manual intervention.
It is also an effective information repository that facilitates various other HR tasks including payroll management, recruitment management, performance management, etc.


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