Embracing Employee Conflicts For Constructive Outcomes!

CONFLICTS!!…Please Avoid!!

To be liked by everyone is a basic tenet of Human behavior and every individual holds this unconscious desire to avoid fights and heated arguments. Everyone prefers to go with the flow and not create unnecessary mess.

But, this is a Mental Block and people lag behind on the creative front if they don’t get into any constructive discussions or conflicts. Workplace conflict is inevitable for an organization to grow and advance. Every organization has bright, innovative and creative minds and people have different opinions. Their controversial ideas can only give shape to those novel ideas that can bring a difference.


Thus, you need not to be the “Good Guy” all the time as it will kill your creativity. Although, balancing conflicting opinions and instincts to avoid conflicts is a tough job for every manager, yet it is the most important task.

But, at the same time, one needs to assure that these conflicts don’t end up dirty, spoiling work environment and lowering morale. Human Resource Management Software are always full with these kinds of employee issues and HR teams keep on finding solutions to create a “Win-Win Situation” for both the parties as a part of Grievance handling process.

Whether a satisfactory agreement takes place or not, teams must learn to manage these conflicts productively so as to bring the best out of them.

“No success can be achieved without fighting for it.!!” So, take every task as a battle and fight to win it!


One thought on “Embracing Employee Conflicts For Constructive Outcomes!

  1. Rightly said about human behavior. You are good but some time u have to hold yourself tight to get some work done by others. otherwise u will never work properly & could not be able to manage the other people. Talk politely but be disciplined.

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