Crack the Code to Engage Your Employees!!

Employee Engagement– One of the most discussed topic among the HR departments and that always keeps the HR members in a DILEMMA over how to engage employees and enhance their loyalty and dedication towards the organization.

Needless to mention about the benefits that an organization gets with fully engaged employees. If a company manages to well-engage its employees, then it can get the best out of them. But, the major challenge is how to ENGAGE them? A disengaged employee is more hazardous for your organization than a fired one!

Majority of HR professionals believe that organizing fun activities, outdoor picnics, festival celebration, etc. is all they can do for employee engagement. But, the fact is that these activities are not the only things they can do, these are just a PART of it.

TeamWise- Employee Information Module

Thus, most of the HR processionals keep looking for those other things, but in reality, there is no such strategy! Every employee is different and every individual has different expectations from the company. While some feel elated with the activities, some feel good when they are given some challenging tasks and responsibilities.

In normal cases, the employees are satisfied and engaged when they all are brought over a single platform. For instance an EMPLOYEE-SELF SERVICE platform, i.e. Employee Information System, that keeps all the employees connected and informed about the events taking place such as birthdays, anniversaries, new joinees, etc. The technology doesn’t offers any fancy offerings but keeps the employee CONNECTED, WELL-INFORMED AND ENGAGED!!


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