Don’t Just Settle With A Salary Hike….Ask For The “Success Mantra”

Appraisal Time Coming!!

As the Financial Year is about to end welcoming the new one, all the companies are busy completing their financial accounts, taxes, auditing, and many other formalities. The same season is for appraisals as well !  In India, maximum companies do their appraisals either in April or when an employee completes his one year in the company.

Performance And Salary Appraisals come as a really Important TASK for the employees as their future career prospects depend on it while senior management looks out for the future managers in the existing employees.

Among all this flamboyancy of salary hikes and recognition in the company, there is still something lacking. This is that Career Boost or Guidance from the seniors through which an employee can Determine his career path. The primary tactics that are required to get the work done in the right manner, a pat on your back for your good work, a session regarding your job interest or what you want…these are the few things that, though, not counted as important in the corporate set-up, but can actually drive an individual to a become Successful Corporate Person!

Don’t you feel that you too need that personalized touch where you can make an identity with dignity and not just change your designation plate annually?

Give it a thought and don’t forget to ask your manager to guide you and give you that Success Mantra…but only after increasing your salary and Appreciating your Work!!


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