Overcoming the Monday Morning Blues…!!

TeamWise - Leave and Attendance ManagementSystem

“TGIF”- the most common phrase that you come across if you work in corporate! It’s the Friday fever that brings a smile to your face and some witty and cheerful plans for the coming WEEKEND!

Recent studies have shown this drastic difference in the zeal and enthusiasm towards work in the employees on Fridays and Mondays. Where every employee is in a fun mood on Fridays…exactly opposite of it you will find him on Mondays..!! Are the employers spoiling them??

Before many of you raise your brows over this..here is the explanation to it..

TeamWise - Leave and Attendance ManagementSystem

Recently, a few weeks back, a new employee entered corporate set-up…probably his first job and went on his first weekend. On Monday morning, he innocently asked his supervisor that this way you are spoiling us… there is so much to do and forget office over weekends…that unintentionally lowers the zeal to come back to office on Mondays and bear all that workload again..”

But obviously, organizations do experience those dull and lazy Monday mornings… “The Monday Morning Blues”!!

This instigates the very thought that is this culture spoiling employees and hacking their productivity or making them rejuvenated and more productive??

Your Time Tracking machines can answer this better. You can easily note that on Fridays, employees leave early and get in late on Mondays with lowered working spirit.

Originally, the idea was to reduce their stress levels with a 2-day off so that they can bring the same spirits, but the employees over look the basic idea and exhaust themselves so much with partying , etc that they actually have no energy left to work on Mondays..

Well, this is a normal phenomenon and things will go this way..In order to make employees more productive and enthusiastic at the beginning of the week, employers need to find more attractive ways to bring back workforce with full spirits back on Mondays..!!


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