Times and Now of Leave and Attendance Management Systems!


Constant Evolution is the essence of human civilization!!

This is the underlying fact and every aspect of life takes a new face every day. Same is the case with the industrial revolution, where the family run small businesses took the shape of big industries and business incorporations led by large workforces.

Large workforce management brought its own challenges with it! Time tracking of the individual workers became difficult for business owners that further led to turmoil among the dedicated and non-dedicated workers. This is when the first time and attendance management system came into existence. This was a thick ‘time-card’ that was stamped or signed when any employee entered and left the workplace. This further helped them manage employee payrolls with ease as it gave calculated information about leaves taken and total number of working days for each employee individually.

New_Evolution of Leave and Attendance Management System-TeamWise

Though, a great idea, but was vulnerable to be misused by the employees. Thus, with several innovations and new technology being invented every day, now, the leave and attendance management systems have become much more advanced and sophisticated.


Leave and attendance management has become far easier as it allows automatic monitoring of vacations, holidays, and sick days. Overtime calculations are made easier. Thus, it gives an all-round ease to HR functions as it directly integrates with the payroll systems as well. TeamWise Leave and Attendance Management System is a proven technology that has taken shape through constant innovation and idea-building, purging out any kind of system error or challenges.


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