TeamWise Product Update: Version 4.1.1 Released!

Growing companies always look out for the best talent. Obviously, you cannot grow until you make right hirings. Start-ups are usually in this constant hiring state as they keep looking for better candidates.

Organizations opting for HR software to relieve themselves from HR and administrative tasks appear to be making a sensible move. But what about the recruitment job! This is still a question in majority of organizations where HR teams are still struggling with piles of resumes to filter.

For this, TrogonSoft has updated the product TeamWise with a highly effective Recruitment Management System that will make your overall hiring job much easier and smoother.


Here are the updated features:

  • Job Board Customization: A simple mechanism to manage and track your overall hiring expenses. You can generate budget sheets and receive expenses estimation by other organizational members.
  • Applicant Form Field Customization: It’s a separate recruitment configuration where you can define different hiring parameters, evaluation sheets, and different recruitment phases.
  • Job Vacancy Creation: The feature will allow the administrators to give access rights to different users who can create the job vacancy.
  • Job Board: You can evaluate candidates on the basis of different parameters, ratings or sheets.

In addition to these recruitment features, more features are added to the product:

  • Attendance Policy to have Deduct Leave Type: The configured attendance policy will automatically mark a leave when the employee comes in late or applies for a leave.
  • New Location Address in Transfer Letter: Whenever an employee is transferred to a new location, the generated Transfer Letter will contain the new location address.
  • Dual Reporting: Employees can use the feature to report to two authorities, one to immediate head and other in the form of admin reporting.
  • Configurable Employee Directory: Company can customize the employee directory as per their wish. They can easily drag and drop the required features.

These upgraded features enable HR managers to make more efficient hiring through a systematic and smooth channel. Moreover, the system will ensure better assessment and evaluation of candidates as well as will give more power to the company in terms of product customization.


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