Making Your Hiring Mistakes Right…#1

Everyone looks at recruitment process as the most daunting one! Yes it is…But, apart from being challenging, it is cost-intensive too! Whether you bring in a candidate directly, or take help from a hiring agency, you end up exploiting your resources, time and money.

So, if it is so resource and cost intensive, why do you end up making hiring mistakes?? And that too very frequently!

making your hiring mistake 1- TeamWise

There is no one reason to it as the mistake is a combination of so many small and critical factors. Here is a list of those factors that may help you reach hiring nirvana!

Don’t Repeat the Old Strategy:

When you are on the job to replace an individual, don’t just follow the same pattern. If you’ll do it, you might end up with the same old story of having candidates with limited skills. Review the profile; consider changing the skill sets, eligibility criteria, etc. and then see the MAGIC!

Prepare Proper Job Profile & Description:

You need it really! Most recruiters don’t pay attention to basic requirements and compare the profile with qualification. STOP doing it right NOW! Before putting your resources at work, make sure you have the profile and its requirements clearly in your mind. Evaluate each candidature on the basis of these specifications. This will not only make your job easy, but will also give clarity to the candidate on what is expected of him.


Yess!! Advertising is very important! Unless you tell them you are hiring…how will the right crowd get to know??

Make everyone know about the opening along with what you are looking for. Clearly specify your requirements and then sift through the pool of eligible candidates.

These are the basic pre-hiring process components that you need to implement effectively in order to avoid your hiring mistakes!

Keep looking for our next post on how to automate your Recruiting and CV filtering process through the use of technology to give better results.


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