Making Your Hiring Mistakes Right…#2

In Part 1, we discussed about the common hiring mistakes that you make and how you can correct them. Here, we look at how technology can take over the process, giving you results like never before!

making your hiring mistake 2-TeamWise

 CV Filtering

Of course, when you advert about job openings, most likely you’ll get plenty job applications, leaving you with a lot of options. Here, you need to sift through the CVs very cautiously and carefully in order to find the best fit.

Well… this is the conventional process…how about making it more précised and accurate. Automated system for filtering ample data and matching it exact with your requirement can not only help you find appropriate candidatures, but will also save your time and resources.

Keep Records

Usually, when the candidates are going through the process, the recruiters only concentrate on few things and even if they evaluate a candidate completely, they tend to forget the other specifics, while focusing on just 1 or 2 main factors.

If proper dataset and records are maintained, this will help you take informed decisions by evaluating and comparing different candidates for particular job profiles.


Even when you are done with your job and you plan to announce the selected candidate. DOUBLE CHECK!!

Review the process again and make sure the candidate you selected is a 10/10 on all your specifications. This will help you fill that vacancy for not only longer time duration but with a deserving individual.

Thus, these are your in-process tips that you need to follow while taking rounds of interviews, sifting CVs, and finalizing the candidates. is an all-round, automated system that can not only simplify your hiring process, but can enhance the efficiency of the entire process through better evaluation and monitoring of applicants.


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