Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Become That Top Performer!

Everyone believes that to be a top performer, all you need to posses is proper domain knowledge, intellect, and relative skills and abilities. But, what we all tend to forget is, despite of all these deciding factors, there is one important factor that decides the direction of your actions. It is the EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT that makes a relation between your mind and heart to work in consensus.

TeamWise-Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Become That Top Performer

This is a proven philosophy that you cannot really win if you don’t have emotional intelligence. However, people instinctively possess it or develop it on their own through experiences and situations. But those who are poor in it, need to make efforts to have it in them to be the right cultural fit!

Here are a few tips that may help you improve your E-Quotient:


 Every individual has his own set of unique traits. Thus, you have a lot of variety. Just observe them, study about different people, their habits, their style and individual characteristics. This’ll help you understand people better and determine how to deal with them.


Before researching on other personalities, evaluate your own! Get to know yourself better, your strengths and weaknesses. This will make you a better evaluator of situations and deciding how to take on them as per your capabilities.


People who worry are more likely to lose the battle even before they start! Getting worried about future situations not only makes you uneasy but also deters you from focusing on present situations. Thus, you must stay calm for any situation and face it with grace!


To gain emotional intelligence, you need to have that patience to carefully listen to others. Take my words, not just hearing, but listening! If you do that, most likely you have solution for problems much before they appear.


Since these people have the ability to calmly welcome situations, they can comfortably pen down the pros, cons and conclusions in different circumstances. Moreover, such people are morally and ethically upright and always follow the code-of-conduct while dealing with any situation. And to your surprise, they come out as a winner!

Thus, these are a few quick tricks that can make you emotionally sound. Being such an individual not only makes you a dynamic personality, but a great employee too, on whom every manager relies. If you have it in you, then you can become the most trustworthy person in your team. Moreover, senior management may ask you to make better judgments and decisions during critical situations with the help of Employee Information Systems that give you reports and data during strategic planning.


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