Constructive Criticism To Push Your Co-workers’ Potential!

When you are on an authoritative position, be it at home or at your workplace, chances are more that you’ll be hated more than being liked! Sad..but its true!

Usually this being Hitler tag is followed by acquisitions of finding mistakes in others’ work, or giving honest feedbacks (mostly pointing negative points), or just being preachy and educating others…all your efforts in trying to make others better are perceived as criticism. People fail to see that line between positive and negative criticism.

We all come across it! Get a reality check…nobody likes to get criticized. Equally, majority of us avoid giving a negative feedback to other person if he doesn’t welcomes honest feedbacks! But what we all tend to overlook is that despite of some stressful situations…these feedbacks are constructive in their nature and lead to better outcomes!

It’s just like sports training, the more your coach pushes you, the better you become! Then why not implement it at your workplace. It is understood, that many a times, bosses just criticize to bully their employees…well that’s a negative criticism…. And the consequences are just the opposite of a positive or a constructive criticism.

banner_constructive criticism

You can adopt these three approaches to make your criticism as the stimulus that can make things better and balanced!

Engage: Try engaging yourself with the person whom you want to give some advice. For instance, if someone is slower in his approach or just shy to put his/her thoughts in front of seniors, try motivating them to go out and speak if anything is not going fairly. It’s always better to let them know before their seniors bully them for the same.

Eccentric: Don’t go off the track and be peculiar about what you need for that particular individual. If you want perfection in the work and the teams are not delivering the way you want, DON’T GIVE UP! Take positive meetings and suggest changes in polite manner, so that the team doesn’t feels offended and at the same time it learns to give perfection!

Personal Approach: Many seasoned professionals say that leave your emotions at home, there is nothing personal! But, that doesn’t actually apply to your workplace. If you are involved in something, your inputs are meant to give results that are for your own learning and benefit, then how can it not be personal?? There’s nothing wrong using a personal approach, but make sure it is for the betterment of the business and your colleagues’ career development.

These are a few little approaches that you can use for Talent Management at your own workplace. Instead of being a bullying senior or co-worker, what you can do is just give a few tricky feedbacks that help them focus more on their skills and giving out best results.


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