Does Your HR System ‘SCALE’ Upto User-expectations?

With everyone getting fascinated with HR tech taking up every organization, why some industry experts still believe that it is just a fancy accessory and nothing more than that.

Before you re-read the above statement…let me explain what I exactly mean with it!

Though the organizations are widely adopting the technology, still many are doing it just for the sake of being into the trend and not for their usability. In fact, majority of tech products fail to serve what exactly the companies look for!

SCALE-Up Your HR Tech-TeamWise

They simply don’t SCALE up to the user expectations!

What does Scale Stand for??

‘S’ for Simplicity: A difficult to use system is just a big no-no for all users. The product must be very simple to use so that the user can easily navigate through it and find the data or reports whatever he/she is looking for.

‘C’ for Customization: ‘One Size fits All’ saying doesn’t really fit every scenario! Every organization has its own in-built policies, guidelines and systems, and thus, requires customized software that can well-adapt the existing culture and company values and then perform accordingly.

‘A’ for Analytics: To run business effectively, the decision makers need to have proper data and insights that give a direction to their strategies. Thus, data analytics are highly critical and if your HR system can provide useful insights, then nothing can be better than this.

‘L’ for Localization: No matter you are using a product from a local vendor or from an international one! What matters is that the product must act locally! If you are using the product in India, then the maps must show Indian locations and not of some other country.

‘E’ for Engagement: End-users are the employees! They want a product that they can well-understand and need not to put in much effort to understand the way it works! This means, it must be user-friendly, interactive and engaging that is fun to work on.

These are the 5 classic requirements for an HR tech product! Scale-s upto user expectations and is serving as one of the most adopted tech products as it achieves the common goal of making user-experience simple and engaging.

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