How Engaged Are Your Employees?

A simple question for employees…

Were you enthusiastic coming to work today??

A “dig-in” question… isn’t it!

There are many factors that influence your will to come to work, while most significant being your boss.

The way your boss is with you at work makes you the kind of resource you are! If he or she is a good boss, you are one of the most high-performing employees, while the vice-versa is also true!

How Engaged Are Your Employees-TeamWise

The supervisors, who indulge closely with their teams, set them for success, take regular feedbacks, try to identify cause of employee issues and try to repair the things, have happier and engaged employees.

Then why do organizations commonly delegate the task of Employee Engagement to their HR departments? HR staff is though expected to make the move, but it is not their sole duty, nor can they implement it perfectly without other staff members’ help.

A recent study on employee engagement across the world has revealed some surprising trends:

  • The level of engagement decreases as the employee tenure increases. The employees who are in the company for a considerably longer time are less engaged.
  • While senior management is highly engaged, they usually underestimate the front liners thereby leading to disengaged low line employees.
  • Employees in service and sales departments that interact with customers are in the least engaged category.

Companies that achieved remarkable employee engagement scores use this simple strategy of making managers and supervisors take the lead.

Thus, it is very important for supervisors to give high priority to team engagement and to earn energy, enthusiasm and innovation from employees. Companies are spending high to achieve deep engagement and better returns on resources. But apart from that all the line managers and supervisors need to use the right approach and open up the dialogue with employees. Let employees take charge, with leads and managers as centre for support and guidance!

Using the strategy can also change your employees’ answer to my question!!


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