Is Your HRMS Capable of Clearing “The Stress Test”?

Businesses have started realizing that hunting for the right talent is just like a never ending war. The only powerful asset that a company can win with is the human capital! Thus, organizations must strive to attract the talent as much as they can. To win the war for talent, you need your key and that can be your HRMS system.

Sounds Strange? But that’s true! A talented workforce always prefers the right tools and technologies that give them easy flow of routine processes so that they can concentrate on work instead of making rounds of HR cabin!

However, you can get ample of options available in the tech market, but how would you determine which one to pick??


Stress-Test-TeamWiseWell, it is important to test your HRMS considering the dynamic business conditions, when employees frequently switch their jobs or get promoted or transferred. Thus, for every situation your system must be ready.

Here are a few quick test features:

Situation #1

Employee gets promoted, increment or quick transfers: Is the system capable of handling such changes for employee, ensuring that all ESI, Professional Tax, PF, Income Tax, etc. related calculations are correctly done.

Situation #2

Company’s in-built System Works In Conventional Fashion: Is the product efficient enough to get integrated with company’s in-built system and work across all HR areas.

Situation #3

Office with Multiple Locations: If an organization has offices at different locations and there are considerable new entrants, promotions, transfers, absences, then your system must be capable enough to upload the transactions and process leave balances and payrolls precisely, either through a centralized location or in a decentralized manner.

Situation #4

Employee Self-Service: Is the system capable to handle simultaneous data uploads or requests sent by multiple employees at the same time. Employees also need the latest updates in terms of their salary break down or any upcoming event such as birthdays, anniversaries or new joinees.

Situation #5

Change Accommodation Possibility: Incase, an organization has a unique process and needs the HRMS system to accommodate the process along with the other HR & Payroll process, is the HRMS capable of doing so within feasible time and costs?

However, there are many conditions on which you can test your system, but these 5 remain the critical ones or the must haves for an effective HRMS. Thus, if the system clears this test, then surely it can be your key to win over the most demanded talent.

TeamWise clears the Stress test with Flying Colors!!! Have a Quick look at the tool:

TeamWise-Recruiting Management

To learn More @TeamWise-Workforce Management


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