Is Your Workforce VUCA Ready?

Constantly changing business climates are clear examples of the VUCA situation that stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Earlier, the term was used to denote severe political conditions, but now they have more relevancies to the business environments. Usually businesses used to plan to deal with the uncertainty, but now uncertainty is an anticipated aspect to run businesses and for this the leaders need to work with a proactive and agile approach.

With the talent shortage shooting up, it has become a prime concern for the leaders on how to keep the talent as prime agenda during VUCA times. Black swan events (that come as a surprise) keep occurring in this VUCA world and that is our “new normal” these days.

Dealing With The VUCA Times

Thus, the talking point here is what organizations can do to help the workforce successfully deal with these events and situations??

The Communication Ladder:

Ensure that the messages going down the leadership ladder are communicated in alignment to company vision and without any discrepancy. With shifting priorities, every piece of information must be well communicated and clear.

Use Adversity to Build Talent:

Existing business eco-systems are running on adversity and accepting rapid changes. Adversity makes your talent stronger and brave to deal with challenges at hand. The time is not to repent over the situation and is to act. Organizations must anticipate any undesirable change and make plans for the worst. HR pros must be ready to realign policies and procedures as your workforce may give you shockers time to time.

Embrace Digitization:

Workplaces are changing like never before. Earlier, when the employees were not even allowed to check personal mails, now the companies openly allow them to engage on social media as well as set up gaming zones for them.

Trust the Gen-Y:

Gen-Y is your trump card now! No other generation of employees can be more willing and enthusiastic to face the VUCA environment as Gen-Y. These people are willing to explore all those unexplored areas and experiment with the challenges that are out of conventional roles. This means organizations need to leave those conventional practices and offer talent with more agile, challenging, exciting and flexible job roles. They simply need more “LIFE” at work!

Optimize Multi-generational Workforce:

While an organization does not only have the Gen-Y, try optimizing the combination in the best possible manner. Make strategies to boost up the morale and enthusiasm using Gen-Y, while making the people more knowledgeable through transferring knowledge from the Baby Boomers. Thus, make it the best blend with rebels as well as the followers!

This is the time to act, perform and outsmart the unknown risks and events that can arise any time. Be innovative, be agile, and make your workforce stand like a rock in front of any situation. Use smart strategies to offer more to your employees and this is not just the compensation, be the best career ladder for your talent!



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