What Hiring Managers Can Learn From Their Childhood’s Bed-Time Stories

Many situations, stories and experiences teach us a lot of lessons that if used in our daily lives, can help us get through so many challenges and hurdles.

Similar is the case with the bed time stories that you have grown up listening to. They all had a moral lesson at the end of the story. These tales, if you give them more thought, can help you solve so many problems while managing your human capital. Especially, recruiters can learn a lot from them while judging different types of candidates.

Here are the main fairy tale characters from whom you can learn a lot:

#1. Cinderella’s Prince Charming: Wait for the Perfect Fit


Let’s think about the tale the other way round! Just like the prince waited with the crystal shoe for his perfect lady, recruiters must watch out for the candidate who is a perfect fit for their organization. You must not hurry while filling the vacant positions in your organization and should look out for the one who exactly matches your business needs and requirements.

#2. Smart Siblings: Use Your Intellect to Analyze Candidates in and out


The kids in Hansel & Gretel succeeded in outsmarting their step-mother first and later the witch. Similarly, recruiters must be smart enough to detect candidates’ intentions and whether they are really that capable and willing to perform or not. This is one of the most critical lessons as every candidate tries to attract recruiters through exhibiting his/her skills in the best possible manner, but, the hiring managers must use their wits to determine if the individual is a right choice or not.

#3. The Brave Heart Mulan: Look for Candidates Who are Willing to Perform

Don’t just go by the basic qualification of a candidate and try finding the one who is well-skilled as well as willing to perform. Just as the case of the story, Mulan is a girl who masks herself as a man to be a part of the army. Recruiters must learn that they should give equal opportunities to  candidates and help them perform.

#4. Ariel: Explore the Unexplored

The Little Mermaid

Surfing through the pool of resumes is just like little Ariel’s adventurous journey through the ocean. You get to meet so many new characters and deal with them. This clearly indicates that you need to get out of your comfort zone to explore the unexplored territories and come out with winning results. With industry’s rapid social development, you also need to change your conventional recruiting styles and find some innovative ideas to attract the talent.

#5. Creative Golden Haired Girl: Think out of the box


Today’s dynamic recruitment climate doesn’t allows you to follow your conventional strategies and patterns. Thus, you must have an out-of-the-box thinking just like Rapunzel and try to make out the most innovative use of available tools and resources.

Although, you cannot always believe that your recruiting tale will have a happy and contending ending, yet the chain of surprising events that keep occurring will often put you in situations where you need to behave in such a way. Thus, recruiters must check out with the strategies that these tale heroes used while facing tough challenges and came out with flying colors.

Author: Prateek Sharma is the Director at TrogonSoft, a company applying product development technologies and devising innovative technology products. Their product, TeamWise, an HRMS & Payroll Software enables companies to streamline and automate all their routine employee-related tasks with utter precision and accuracy.


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