An All-In-One HRMS Solution Best Fitted For Every Organizational Level


We know that the employees are your most valuable assets, thus it is important to encourage and reward them as and when required. Doing this the old-school way is not at all recommended; you need to be smarter than ever. TeamWise offers the most effective HR management solution to improve your workforce management and take better decisions all across your key tasks, thereby helping you make most out of every penny that is invested in your people. It provides an all-in-one integrated solution that caters all the building blocks of an organization – from employees to HR Managers to Senior Level Executives.

How Do Employees Benefit From TeamWise Self-Service Portal?

TeamWise-HRMS-One_Stop Solution

Personal Details Management

For the smooth flow of information and to avoid any data errors, get the power to edit / update personal details all by you.

Analyzing IT Declarations

Makes it easy to access individual payroll details, check IT declarations and accomplish Pay slips generation.

Pave the Way to Career Growth

Assess your performance for a better career growth and create new paths to success.

Complete Assessment of Daily Activities

Keep a record of your daily in-out timings, attendance and manage leaves without any hassles.

Optimum Level of Time Management

Fully automatic process enables employees to manage their productive hours, thereby increasing productivity.

Achieve Organizational Goals

Identify your roles and responsibilities towards your organization, using the précised performance monitoring.

What Makes TeamWise An Asset For HR Managers?


Achieve More With Minimum Efforts

Get all core HR tasks done in a few clicks without having to get all the tasks done manually.

Let Employees Participate

Enable employees to efficiently manage routine activities like leave and attendance management.

Endorsing Right People

Have Line Managers handle their respective sub-ordinates solely and monitor their performance as and when required.

Skills Enhancement

Evaluate and enhance the strengths, skills and expertise of an individual through a summarized lot of employee data.

Fully Automated Process

All-automated process to manage routine tasks while utilizing the HR pros’ time in more strategic areas.

Self-Regulated Payroll Generation

A self-regulated Payroll Software that eliminates manual intervention and relieve HRs and payroll managers from getting into the hassles of this tedious task.

What Perks TeamWise Offer To The Top-Level Executives?


Leading Towards Growth

Analyzing market scenarios and new organizational approaches to direct business in the road to success.

Cashing In Useful Workforce Data

Have a deep look at the employee data to take better decisions on allocating resources in right directions.

Revamp the Meaning of Productivity

Helps in maximum time and resource utilization, thereby multiplying organizational productivity through strategic business initiatives.

Help Building Oneself A Better Leader

Make yourself a true leader by keeping your workforce happy and satisfied feeding them with latest technologies and business processes.

Superior Enterprise Workflow

Fill in the gaps in your business with the best technology for systematic workflow and optimized performance.

Drive Hard Work into Right Direction

Evaluate every individual’s hard work and transform it into achieving organizational goals.


Having a single HRMS system benefiting all the organizational levels can prove to be very effective in terms of meeting organizational goals with minimum hassles. So, redirect your path to TeamWise, your very own personalized HR Software and leave behind the traditional way of managing your employees’ data for a better workforce with unmatched precision.


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