Is Sick-Selfie the New Leave Application?


Yes, you read it right! The SICK-SELFIE!!

The recent incident that took place at a renowned restaurant search service company has become the talk of the town! This started when an employee accidentally sent her sick-selfie to her colleagues.

Though a funny event, but this took up on everyone and every member started getting involved in and created an ‘un’-official policy of sending sick-selfies to prove illness. Now it’s a tradition there- click your pic when you are sick!

Amongst the stringent leave and attendance policies in almost all companies and employees having to really fight tough to get leaves, this came as a rib-tickling event that might have even gave finicky managers a good laugh!


Jokes apart, every company has its own policies for Leave And Attendance Management, and they must be robust enough to help employees apply for leaves easily and also get approvals (or rejections) on the same on real time basis.

As an effective employer, you must provide your employees with right resources and technology so that they can easily manage their leave accounts and don’t use such funny tricks to get leave.

Thus, to have a workforce, that is always thumbs up when it comes to following policies, give them the mobile application that makes them perform all HR functions (and not just apply leaves) on real time basis. With a mobile HR app, employees can even track their time-offs, schedule future leaves, manage payroll accounts, personal information and what not!

This will empower them to stay connected through accelerated information transfer, alerts and notifications. Moreover, this will help get quick insights during critical decision-making and letting employees optimize the facility for maintaining the organizational decorum and integrity.


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