Want to Make Customers Happy? Keep Your Employees Happier !

Employee Happy

Wouldn’t it be just great if you could have truly satisfied customers and people all around talking about you, positively?

Every employer seeks such high-level customer satisfaction and work hard towards achieving the same. But, are you doing enough? ‘Or’ Is your strategy lacking a crucial aspect – ‘Employee Satisfaction’?

Keeping employees happy and engaged at work is the key to deliver truly great customer service and encounter a high quality customer experience. The more satisfied your employees are, the happier your customers will be. And when customers are happy, they seem to build a sense of trust in your brand and give you more profits; it’s as simple as that.

But, the fact is somewhat uglier than most organization strives for. It has been found that only a mere percentage of employees are actually engaged and satisfied with their work; and the facts are not from a particular place, it’s all over the world. So, where are things going wrong?

Actually, most employers fail to provide an ideal work culture where employees are given enough importance. Thus, there’s an urgent need for employers to analyze their existing workplace culture and Employee Engagement strategies and give them a total reboot with more effective ways to encourage employee satisfaction that is long-lasting. Here’s a list to name some few –

1. Let them know that you’re “All Ears”

To create a positive and supporting work environment, it is extremely crucial that communication is transparent and open to all. Sometimes, all that an employee wishes for is to be heard and feel their importance in the organization where they spend most of their day’s time. Employers and managers on the decision–making positions must actively listen to their employees’ concerns/suggestions/valuable ideas, let them know that their voice is valued and take appropriate actions if required.

2. Lay down SMART goals so that they “Go the Extra Mile”

No goal can be achieved overnight. Thus, employers are required to put forward goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time-based and don’t make unachievable expectations from employees. Each big goal must be broken down into small-small milestones to help employees remain focused, engaged and motivated.

3. Ensure they remain “Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed”

Constant motivation is extremely essential to keep employees’ interest up to the mark, thereby increasing productivity. Support their ideas, help each employee excel in their role, regardless of their position, never miss an opportunity to acknowledge them for a job well done, encourage them to learn new skills, identify each individual’s personal skills and make efforts in creating a friendly and happening environment where people will love to work.

4. “Sky’s Not the Limit” – Train, empower and provide ample room for growth

Never let your employees think that they have reached a dead end in their career at your organization. Best way is to invest in your employees’ professional development and train them on the areas of their interest. Show them that they have plenty of room for growth and advancement and organization will help them at every step.

Employee satisfaction is the ultimate key driver for customer satisfaction and repeated business. The only thing that matters is how you keep your employees happy, satisfied and engaged to achieve your organizational goals.


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