What Mistakes In Choosing HR Technology Can Jeopardize Your Business?

From industry giants to emerging start-ups to a broad range of solutions available in the market, with technology offered in such volume and variation, making a perfect choice from the crowd can be an extremely confusing situation . This confusion sometimes results in a complicated and an unreliable technology which fails to fulfill the basic purpose of its selection.

5 Common Mistakes Made While Buying A HR Software

To help organizations avoid these pitfalls, try not to make these common mistakes while selecting an HR solution.

1. Failure in determining basic organizational needs.

When it comes to choosing a HR Solution, majority of the employers make hasty choices without determining their business needs beforehand. The main problem behind this is poor planning and requirement gathering.

Usually most of the decisions are made with a focus only on the micro-level organizational needs, leaving behind the long-term strategic benefits that the solution might bring to them.

How to do it better?

Make a list of all core processes currently running and then determine which part needs to be automatized or require a solution. Make your selection criteria based on thisanalysis.

2. Shortlist the software list on the basis of offerings & your needs, not by its popularity.

Most of the businesses blindly choose a system just because it is popular and everyone’s using it, without realizing whether it fulfills their specific organizational requirements or not. This result in software that isn’t compatible with the basic needs and the whole idea of switching to tech-solution becomes useless with major financial and time loss.

How to do it better?

Once the list of potential solutions is prepared, align their features and offerings with your organizational needs. Moreover, performing this step will save you a lot of time as you can schedule demo sessions with only the ones that can cater your needs.

3. Not able to manage data security properly.

Data security issues are a big concern for any organization, especially for cloud-based HR solutions. But, majority of the organizations fail to administer the data security accurately which might lead to potential security threats like unwelcoming breaches in the cloud resulting in data corruption or loss. This could be extremely costly for your business by putting all the data at stake.

How to do it better?

Do not forget to determine a proper balance of security and scalability. Also, confirm with your software provider that what security measure they provide to safeguard your business-critical data.

4 .Unsuccessful in realizing certain legal requirements.

The biggest mistake that many of the organizations make is failure in understanding the legal requirements associated with the data, processes and HRIS structure like local labor and certain corporate mandates put forth by the government, which when not abided by, result in heavy penalties and sometimes, even lawsuits.

How to do it better?

It’s better to consult your local legal experts before making a selection or having any discussion with your selected potential software providers. These individuals can give you a proper and complete knowledge regarding the laws and any required mandates.

5. Thinking just about what’s under the feet.

Thinking only about the current requirements and avoiding any future needs, can drastically reduce your selected HR solution’s lifespan. It is not confirmed that the needs you think are important today will remain important in the future too. Business environments keep changing andthe same is with the requirements.

How to do it better?

Make your selection a successful future investment by considering your business’s expanding needs and changing risk factors. Make sure that the system you select has the capability to get updated with changing times and the technology does not get obsolete any time soon.

Selecting right software doesn’t guarantee success but making a wrong selection can ensure failure. Thus, by keeping these tips in mind, businesses can avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes which not only eat up a lot of your time but also do not fulfill your basic workforce management needs.


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