It’s Time To Level Up Your New Hire On-boarding!

Its Time To Level Up Your New Hire On-boarding

Well Done! After a long search for the ideal candidate from the pool of resumes, you’ve finally managed to find that perfectly qualified, intellectual and hard-working species to fill the gap lying around for quite some time. But that doesn’t mean that your job is finished! No matter how intelligent your new hire is, he/she won’t have the slightest idea of how things get done in your organization. You need to make efforts and get the job well done.

Every organization has their own way of compiling the Onboarding Process; some make it a trumpet blast, some try to make it grand by investing money and some just want their new hires to get on work ASAP. But, amidst all this, employers tend to make some mistakes which lead to an increase in overall turnover, lessen employee loyalty and decrease in productivity.

Here are some of the common employee reactions that occur due to employer’s onboarding mistakes.

Why am I fed with all this information at once? I don’t think I remember what was there in the first slide, already!!”

Employers or HRs usually try to convey all the organizational information to their new hires at once; as a result of which, employees feel overloaded with information and more commonly feel disconnected. To make this process better, have the information transferred to them in pieces as and when required and through various means.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do?”

New hires are often enthusiastic about their new company and their new job. Don’t diffuse their energy by telling them to browse through your website or the products’ manual for the next few days. Rather than this, assign a mentor or make the new hire sit with a colleague to understand the actual work that he/she is supposed to do.

I didn’t feel welcomed at my new office!!”

Often new hires feel unwanted or strange in their new workplace. Thus, it is the responsibility of the HR or the team manager or the team leader to introduce him/her to his/her team mates and instruct them to make the new hire comfortable by showing them around, taking them for lunch, etc.

What? They hired me just because of my gender!!”

Some employers require a gender-specific candidate for a particular job, but specifying this to your new hire might put a negative impact. He/she must not be judged on the base of gender; the judgment must be made solely on the candidate’s performance and knowledge.

I was told before that he isn’t a friendly material. I rather feel otherwise now!!”

Let you employees get to know other employees’ positives and negatives on their own. Speaking negative about someone else on their very first days might make a bad impression for you and your company. This might also result in unnecessary conflicts arising in the workplace between your employees.

Hiring a new candidate is just the beginning of a significantly lengthy onboarding process. This is the perfect time to familiarize the new employees about the company, technology, their roles and responsibilities within the organization, impart company’s culture, values and best practices. It also provides an opportunity to make a good first impression and prepare the new joinee for a long, successful tenure with the organization. If this time is optimized effectively and proactively, then a company can save money as well as spare themselves with the headaches that are likely to occur in the future.


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