Employee Information, Just A Click Away!

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How often do you think- Is technology a Blessing or a Blight??

Everything just a click away..and blah blah!

We have been enjoying all the ease and comfort offered to us by the technology from past few decades now and still curse it when it takes the same ease from us.

Yes, you guessed it right! I am talking about how accessible it makes us when we are on a vacation! Here, my discussion is not on cursing the man-made gift we all have, but how it saves us from becoming the culprit of a lost business deal or company facing terrible losses or becoming unable to overcome a disaster as the concerned person is unavailable!

Same is with an TeamWise-Feature that you can monitor anywhere, anytime! Suppose one of your subordinates need your approval for his urgent leave and you are on a vacation. What will he do?

The answer would be- Go to HR department, give them all the explanations and then if they understand your concern, may give an approval but, if he doesn’t have that time, then?

Here, our point becomes valid that says, technology is a Blessing!

Keep an Eye on Your Workforce Even When You are Away

With TeamWise HRMS, you can access the application even when you are on a vacation and catch all the action going on in your absence. Approve/reject leave applications; check employee updates, etc. just on a single click!

The bonus is you can enjoy the beach too!


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