Enhancing Employee Satisfaction Through HR Strategies

There is a huge change within HR industry in the recent times – a vast professional shift from regular day-to-day transactional tasks to more strategic concerns.

This has made HR function more than a business rather than merely a source where employees approach for some information or seek support. But, is this the right environment we needed from all those years? Are the employees satisfied enough with this change?

Employee Satisfaction-TeamWise
The answer can sadly be slightly, negative!

The kind of environment an employee experiences in his/her organization with a proper work-life balance, decides the employees’ satisfaction. Although both the parties work towards a same objective, but the path is entirely different. The perspective that an HR uses to create an ideal environment is entirely different from what an employee grasps it; which is creating a sense of dissatisfaction among the employees. This calls for a high-level corporate support in which technology can prove to be very effective. Thus, you need to adopt a technology that:

Listens to their problems

Employees spend most of their day’s productive time at the workplace, thus getting a healthy environment and getting all problems resolved is a must for them to work effectively. Offer a proper grievance handling solution where they can raise their complaints and the same can be escalated to the concerned person for a solution. Employees must also be able to track their complaint and know its status at any point of time.

Regularly monitors their performance

Grievances and problems also affect one’s performance, thus a system to track employee performance can help in analyzing the problem areas. This kind of solution will also keep a record of the previously filled reviews so that not only HRs or senior managers but even the employees can themselves compare their own performance and the up-gradation or de-gradation over time.

HRs Being Strategic Dont Forget The PeopleIn Your Orgaization

AND most importantly: Help you not overlook their feedbacks

Traditionally, organizations had a trend of asking employee feedbacks quarterly or annually in a one-to-one meeting; some don’t cater this facility at all. Employers, who wait for monthly, quarterly, or yearly meetings, are often too late to be effective in correcting the concerns which their employees might be having, say 6 months back. Thus, the proper way is to provide a portal to your employees, which they can access at any point of time and raise their concerns or provide some progressive feedbacks.

The data that is collected through such an analysis will be very helpful in analyzing the current situation and making plans for the future, but HR must also keep alive that human side in them. Spending time with employees, conducting employee get-togethers and team-building games will help you in engaging the employees and keep them satisfied at job, like never before.

SaaS-based HR technology has seen an exceptional outburst in the past years aiding a broad spectrum of human resource, like recruitment, new employee on-boarding, managing their performances, Employee Engagement and techniques to retain talent. But, along with all this technology goodness, there comes a major challenge of maximizing the most important component of any business – its people. Thus, adopting a technology, that not only eases out an HR pros work life by diluting the daily routine complexities but also helps in keeping employees happy, satisfied and engaged, is what every business must target. Remember, none of the available technologies will do any good if ‘people’ are not kept at forefront of the business.


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