What Lord Shiva Teaches HR Professionals This Maha Shivratri: Stay Unbiased!!

In my previous post on Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva Personifying the “Ideal” Entrepreneur!!”, I portrayed the different forms of God of Gods, Mahavdev such as Rudra, Shipra Prasadi and others into different entrepreneurial roles. But, apart from just these traits, the deity has innumerable skills and capabilities that make him the complete institution in himself.

Lord Shiva, one of the three superpowers has a lesson for every individual through his great legends. Mythical studies have clearly proved that he was an impeccable character and always chose to stay away from the “materialistic” world.


While, he is the “Bholenath” and has so much to learn from, yet one of his skills of being detached from materialism gives a great learning to the Human Resource professionals across all industries.

Everybody knows that Lord Shiva is the only God who is equally worshipped by Devas and Rakshas. Now, with a corporate perspective, every organization comprises of different performance categories of employees and these include top performers, average performers, below average performers and the poor performers.

Here, just like Lord Shiva didn’t bothered about the nature of the worshipper and admired his/her true dedication towards the God, similarly, HR person must also keep self unbiased and treat every employee equally. There can be many reasons or limitation at individual level that contributes in his/her performance, but HR should be the same for every employee. At the appraisal time, you must focus on every employee’s intention and efforts instead of the outcomes. Yes, outcomes are important, but other aspects do matter equally!

Thus, you must not make underperformers feel low or un-catered as compared to the top-performers. This will help you establish a balanced approach towards managing your human capital as well as keeping all employees satisfied and happy!

Take care of Your Employees and Keep Learning From Lord Shiva at different phases of your organizational convoy.

Happy Maha Shivratri!!! 



Indicators Asking You To Step-In Before Your Best Talent Quits!

You put in really hard efforts to hire employees; you invest your time, money and energies to acquire the best of talent in your organization. No doubt, you want it to stay longer and become a building block in company’s success.

With the changing corporate dynamics, same efforts need to be put in retaining talent and holding onto potential employees. How can you improve it?

Through making your employees more engaged and satisfied?

TeamWise-Red Flags Indicating Your Employee is About to Leave

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Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Become That Top Performer!

Everyone believes that to be a top performer, all you need to posses is proper domain knowledge, intellect, and relative skills and abilities. But, what we all tend to forget is, despite of all these deciding factors, there is one important factor that decides the direction of your actions. It is the EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT that makes a relation between your mind and heart to work in consensus.

TeamWise-Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Become That Top Performer

This is a proven philosophy that you cannot really win if you don’t have emotional intelligence. However, people instinctively possess it or develop it on their own through experiences and situations. But those who are poor in it, need to make efforts to have it in them to be the right cultural fit!

Here are a few tips that may help you improve your E-Quotient:


 Every individual has his own set of unique traits. Thus, you have a lot of variety. Just observe them, study about different people, their habits, their style and individual characteristics. This’ll help you understand people better and determine how to deal with them.


Before researching on other personalities, evaluate your own! Get to know yourself better, your strengths and weaknesses. This will make you a better evaluator of situations and deciding how to take on them as per your capabilities.


People who worry are more likely to lose the battle even before they start! Getting worried about future situations not only makes you uneasy but also deters you from focusing on present situations. Thus, you must stay calm for any situation and face it with grace!


To gain emotional intelligence, you need to have that patience to carefully listen to others. Take my words, not just hearing, but listening! If you do that, most likely you have solution for problems much before they appear.


Since these people have the ability to calmly welcome situations, they can comfortably pen down the pros, cons and conclusions in different circumstances. Moreover, such people are morally and ethically upright and always follow the code-of-conduct while dealing with any situation. And to your surprise, they come out as a winner!

Thus, these are a few quick tricks that can make you emotionally sound. Being such an individual not only makes you a dynamic personality, but a great employee too, on whom every manager relies. If you have it in you, then you can become the most trustworthy person in your team. Moreover, senior management may ask you to make better judgments and decisions during critical situations with the help of Employee Information Systems that give you reports and data during strategic planning.

Stand Out Tall Even During Direst Of Situations!


Facing troubles, challenges, failures are all a part of our routine lives and can be considered as the building blocks of any successful journey! Especially if these are occurring in your professional lives, then be aware which one is for a smoother journey ahead and which ones are cues that you are moving into wrong direction.

Many of you consider these set-backs as dead-ends and lose your battle towards success. The article Setbacks! Are They Pulling You Back? suggests you ways to overcome these situations and get Back with a Bang!

TeamWise Setbacks

Author Bio:  Prateek Sharma is the Director at TrogonSoft, a company applying product development technologies and devising innovative technology products. Our product, TeamWise, an HRMS & Payroll Software enables companies to streamline and automate all their routine employee-related tasks with utter precision and accuracy.

Making Your Hiring Mistakes Right…#2

In Part 1, we discussed about the common hiring mistakes that you make and how you can correct them. Here, we look at how technology can take over the process, giving you results like never before!

making your hiring mistake 2-TeamWise

 CV Filtering

Of course, when you advert about job openings, most likely you’ll get plenty job applications, leaving you with a lot of options. Here, you need to sift through the CVs very cautiously and carefully in order to find the best fit.

Well… this is the conventional process…how about making it more précised and accurate. Automated system for filtering ample data and matching it exact with your requirement can not only help you find appropriate candidatures, but will also save your time and resources.

Keep Records

Usually, when the candidates are going through the process, the recruiters only concentrate on few things and even if they evaluate a candidate completely, they tend to forget the other specifics, while focusing on just 1 or 2 main factors.

If proper dataset and records are maintained, this will help you take informed decisions by evaluating and comparing different candidates for particular job profiles.


Even when you are done with your job and you plan to announce the selected candidate. DOUBLE CHECK!!

Review the process again and make sure the candidate you selected is a 10/10 on all your specifications. This will help you fill that vacancy for not only longer time duration but with a deserving individual.

Thus, these are your in-process tips that you need to follow while taking rounds of interviews, sifting CVs, and finalizing the candidates.

http://teamwise.in/feature/ is an all-round, automated system that can not only simplify your hiring process, but can enhance the efficiency of the entire process through better evaluation and monitoring of applicants.